Tonic Lanka Property acts as a consultant, helping buyers and investors find, understand and complete real estate opportunities in Sri Lanka



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Focused on Central Sri Lanka, we work with investors and developers to source commercial real estate opportunities.

Advising on general project feasibility as well as risk analysis, we act as an overarching consultant in the transaction process.



We advise private buyers on opportunities and undertake search commissions to identify specific properties for sale in the prime residential space.

We work with buyers to achieve fair value and consult with them on due process for completion.

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 We help investors source and understand the value opportunity in operational hospitality property.

We have a thorough understanding of the luxury hospitality sector in Sri Lanka and are well placed to advise on project risk and return.


A summary of our take on the Sri Lankan property market

12th July 2018

For some time there’s been a neat narrative told of Sri Lanka’s property market.

The ending of the war in 2009 revived both local confidence and international interest; an increasingly affluent middle class is now driving demand; a burgeoning tourist industry has hiked the market for holiday accommodation; recent elections have shown the country on a steady democratic path [Ed. events of late 2018 we hope a brief exception].

That story’s starting to feel a little dated.

10 years isn’t a long time in a history book so the Civil War narrative – and other parts of the story - still resonate, but it’s more than long enough for the fundamentals of a very undeveloped property market to shift hugely.

In prime locations, prices have jumped. That appreciation has been part-driven by improved infrastructure, and of course that improvement continues, meaning sale values have higher to climb. But buyers and investors need a smarter approach to real estate than they did 10 years ago. Not every ‘buy’, now, is the value opportunity it once was.