Unique estate house - Central Province

Price - USD 650,000

Plot size - 6 ACRES

Development status - Operational hotel/guesthouse

REF - STR 001

This beautiful estate property departs from the traditional 'bungalow' style and is the more appealing for it.

Built around 1860 it was the principal planters house for a large coffee estate - coffee prevailing in the region before tea.

It now operates as a successful guesthouse/hotel with well-established local management team.

The house and outbuildings offer:

  • 6 large guest double bedrooms (two in a stand-alone villa)
  • 3 bedroom managers house
  • 4 bedroom owners house
  • Staff and driver accommodation
  • Large swimming pool
  • Yoga Shala and massage room
2 Pool with a view.jpg


Matale may not hold the greatest appeal as a tourist destination but it sits very neatly on the popular path from Dambulla, south to Kandy.

This property sits happily just off that main route but within very easy reach for travelers breaking their journey.

Its merit for attracting tourists aside, the location is enviable. At an altitude of some 600 metres, the climate is perhaps the most appealing in Sri Lanka - warm days and mild nights.

Properties in this Central Province have had prices held in check by the archaic infrastructure (see the Kandy-Colombo road) that links the region with the capital.

The Central Expressway, scheduled for part-completion by 2020, will remedy that issue and prices will likely increase sharply.