Investment opportunities

Nearly 10 years has passed since the ending of the Civil War and that period has seen an influx of significant foreign capital. 

That, to a large extent, comes as institutional funding for large, typically infrastructure-related, projects. Held back by troubles of the last thirty years, though, there’s a previously latent entrepreneurial energy and enthusiasm now giving rise to a great number of exciting projects and businesses.

We work to match investors with those kinds of opportunities – all property-related and typically in the hotel and leisure sector.




Required capital - USD 320,000

Offered equity - 49% (structured offer - claim on cashflows only)

Projected IRR - 27%

An opportunity to invest in a successful, operational tea estate hotel, with significant USPs, relative to other hotels in the space.

Strong operations and marketing in place. Proven great guest experience and positive reviews.



Required capital - USD 1,450,000

Offered equity - 25% (claim on cashflows and property)

Projected IRR - 18%

Option to take significant minority shareholding in a stunning boutique hotel property within easy reach of Colombo.

Colombo map.jpg

prime, standout hospitality/leisure project in central colombo

Required capital - USD 750,000

Offered equity - 95%

Projected 1RR - 19%

Opportunity to take majority share position in an innovative leisure & hospitality project, making use, through restoration, of an iconic Central Colombo property.