Untouched beach-land north of Colombo

Price - USD 1,450,000

Plot size - 12 ACRES

Development status - Bare land

Title - Clean

REF - KAL 001

This site is unique in its extent and, given the location, the opportunity for development in an as yet relatively untouched but increasingly sought-after part of Sri Lanka’s west coast.

Lying at the southern end of the Kalpitiya spit, 12 acres of beach front land sit on the beach-side of a river that runs parallel to, before joining, the sea.

The whole length of the spit is marked for tourist development with a number of significant projects now complete or in their earlier stages.

There are justifiable concerns around sustainability and the nature of investment in the area. Any development project will of course need to think very carefully on its impact and integration with the local community.

Those issues considered, this site offers a stunning location for well-planned development.



The site is around a one and a half hour’s drive north of the international airport (Katunayake). The main road, the A3, is single lane but relatively quiet and journey times should be consistent.

Travel time from central Colombo will be closer to two hours – the Expressway linking the capital with the airport much reducing delays on that southern stretch of the route.

There are no publicly known planned road developments for the spit itself but the joining of the existing expressways as well as the new Northern Expressway (now under development) will of course reduce respective journey times further.

The site is, as yet, entirely undeveloped and so installation of mains water and electricity is required. (Map showing location of Madurankuli only - approximately ‘level’ with the beach plot.)