Tonic Lanka Property acts as a consultant, helping buyers and investors find, understand and complete real estate opportunities in Sri Lanka



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Focused on Central Sri Lanka, we work with investors and developers to source commercial real estate opportunities.

Advising on general project feasibility as well as risk analysis, we act as an overarching consultant in the transaction process.



We advise private buyers on opportunities and undertake search commissions to identify specific properties for sale in the prime residential space.

We work with buyers to achieve fair value and consult with them on due process for completion.

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 We help investors source and understand the value opportunity in operational hospitality property.

We have a thorough understanding of the luxury hospitality sector in Sri Lanka and are well placed to advise on project risk and return.


Seeing new value opportunities in Sri Lanka

16th August 2019

It’s uncomfortable  talking about real estate opportunities in the context of what happened here in late April but the impact on the boutique hotel and villa market market is significant and so worth considering. As ever, tough times can bring opportunities.


Tourist arrival numbers, relative to recent years, have dropped sharply. May and June are typically quiet(er) months but hotel owners we speak to report occupancy levels of around 20%-30% for July and August – peak season months that had been delivering occupancy of 70-80%.


We’re optimistic those numbers will improve relatively quickly and, indeed, there’s evidence of returning volume but the backdrop is challenging. The economics of boutique hotels is tough at the best of times and any business with significant fixed overheads or heavy rental obligations will have struggled. We’ve seen several small hotel operations opt to shut their doors permanently rather than see cash drip away slowly. Others are riding the period out and there’s consensus amongst the well-established that the market may come back stronger.


Those looking for value, then, might now see opportunity…